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Enhancing leadership impact for transformative change

As a Leadership Coach, I try to unearth the potential in everyone because it’s only when leaders own this they can be at their best.


I’ve had the privilege of guiding and supporting numerous business leaders over the years.  Through techniques and insights which have their origins in neuroscience, I delve deep to get to the nub of the thinking styles and behaviours that are core to the issues that leaders want to address.  This not only helps clients to come up with solutions themselves but is more likely to deliver real and long-lasting change.

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Being in a top leadership role can be a lonely place. There are few people leaders can confide in or openly discuss issues that may be taking up too much of their mental energy. 

Leaders approach me for several reasons. Sometimes they want to plan the next stage of their careers.  Or they may be facing a particular challenge with an individual, a team or with the board.  Or they may be feeling stressed because of the volume of the urgent items in their In Box. Or, sometimes, they are just looking for a sounding board.




Very often the work I do with leaders is about helping them develop the skills they need to be more effective – skills  like how to delegate, how to be better at time management or how to have difficult performance conversations with managers and staff.


But skill enhancement  only gets  a leader  so far. I am far more interested in helping  clients achieve lasting change by working with them to uncover the ingrained patterns of thinking and behaving that are getting in the way of them being the leader they want to be . So for example, a leader looking to be better at delegating may need to look at his or her ingrained patterns of thinking such as a need always to be in control.  It’s work at this level that produces the real `aha’ moment for clients and can become the catalyst for real , long-term and meaningful change.  



This is deep, challenging work and is not for everyone.  But if clients understand what’s in it for them, that they sometimes need to unconsciously stop getting in their own way,  then they can and will achieve lasting change – and improve both their leadership impact and performance as a consequence.

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