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Guiding and coaching teams for peak performance

I work with teams on two core components - clarity and commitment – which can either make or break working relationships within a team and the achievement of critical KPIs. 

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There is a huge reliance on teams to deliver and there is an enormous cost for businesses accounted for by time spent in team meetings and engagement.  Yet, in my view, there is insufficient attention given  by organisations to ensuring that  teams perform well

It is a fallacy, for example,  to think that teams can be thrown together and perform brilliantly without concerted effort and action.  People come to a team from different backgrounds, with different personalities and styles and with varying views on the issues that need to be tackled.  We are all unconsciously hard wired to be individualistic and it’s not in our DNA to be naturally good team players.




When working with teams, I am always curious to understand how well they perform on two key  components of  what I  believe brings about team success.

The first is clarity  – how  much of a  shared understanding there is about the team’s purpose, goals, performance KPIs or other outcomes . Without this agreed clarity, teams can waste so much time and energy  going in the wrong or indeed a different direction.

I facilitate the team to define what would make them successful, what are they striving for and what are the steps they need to take to get there.

The second is commitment – how can team members work together,  what are their values and so on.  If teams spend time on their team dynamics,  they are likely to be more engaged and ultimately more invested in delivering the expected results.



Through a range of team coaching models,  assessments  and facilitation techniques,  teams  that work with me end up being more  clear and more aligned on what success looks like for them and much more committed to working collaboratively  in pursuit of those goals.

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