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"Clodagh combines science with her intuition. This approach really works for me."
"I feel safe enough to bring my honesty into the sessions."
"It’s difficult to come away from a session other than really fired up about the subject matter."
"Clodagh represents a rare blend of integrity, expertise, wisdom and heart."
"Very easy to talk to.  Occasionally one’s guard is up as Clodagh probes. It’s a good tension!"
"Very positive impact with a dollop of don’t BS me"
"If confidence helps drive performance, then attending one of Clodagh's sessions is like getting an engine overhaul"
Image by Amin Hasani
"She brings a critical eye and practical curiosity to her client work"
"Clodagh makes a personal investment in her clients and has an uncanny ability to focus entirely on possibilities whilst remaining diplomatically realistic."
"She is very much focussed on getting value adding outcomes for clients at all levels throughout the organisation"
"Absolutely inspirational.  I am always motivated to better myself following my conversations with Clodagh."
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